Beneath the Surface: Issues Making Modern China Roundtable

Beneath the Surface: Issues Making Modern China Roundtable

26 September 2014

Northstar are delighted to announce the inaugural Beneath The Surface event in London on 17th
October 2014.

Everyday our lives are impacted by the people, politics and products of China. From the smart phone that you use, the car that you drive and computer that you are reading this email on, many aspects of our lives are heavily influenced by, assembled in, produced or made in China.

But whilst it is easy to recognise the power of China and the developmental progress it has made,
the fact remains that China is a modern day marketing enigma. As businesses and entrepreneurs
looking in, one of our biggest struggles is a lack of understanding about the fundamental
drivers of modern China. Understanding how the present has been shaped by the past and how
the centre is influenced by the periphery.

Our ‘Beneath The Surface’ series has been curated to try and address this and uncover some of
the less fashionable, hidden drivers of society. Our first event looks at how the Chinese consumer
Version 2014 has been framed by urbanisation, migration and their relationship with the

Together with our partners from the London School of Economics and Political Science, we would
be delighted if you could join us.

Click HERE to read the speaker introductions!

Please get in touch with Matthew Sell or Noah Roychowdhury to learn more about the event or click HERE to sign up for the event!


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