Branding Via Social Media

Branding Via Social Media

12 October 2012

Chris Warren and Jack Miles from Northstar’s London-based European office recently answered some questions on branding via social media for Useful Social Media, a popular UK-based B2B social media commentary site.

A brief overview of one of their responses is shown here:

Q   How can businesses decide which of the social networks is a good fit with their brands?

A   The social media ‘boom’ has meant that there are many channels open to you when you enter the social sphere. However, three key points should drive your decision regarding which channels to utilise:

  • Relevance: Before selecting a social media network, you need to ask yourself: ‘Is the audience in this network relevant to me?’ and ‘Is communicating to this audience going to boost my brand profile among those who matter?’ If the answer to either of these is ‘no’, reconsider that particular channel. Social media communication may be cheap in terms of direct costs, but it still requires human resources and no business should advocate investing resources into irrelevant channels.
  • Maintenance: Once you have decided which social media channels are relevant, you need to ask: ‘Can I maintain the content on them?’ Social media mediums, which lack recent content harm your brand. Therefore, only use those, which you can commit to updating.
  • Integration: Having selected your channels you need to ask: ‘How can these work together?’ You need to identify which content can be used on numerous channels and how, for example, your Twitter following can be shared with your LinkedIn connections. This will make maintaining your channels more efficient and help generate the maximum following for your brand.

To read more, please visit the Useful Social Media Site.

For more information, please contact Jack Miles by email at or by phone at 0207 259 1755.

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