Trump Your Rivals

Trump Your Rivals

8 November 2016

A little thing called the US election is happening today, and stakes are high.

Though the presidential campaign has been going on now for over a year and a half, enthusiasm and interest hasn’t waned. The ongoing drama surrounding Clinton and Trump have fanned the flames, and proven that personality just may be able to trump politics in our hyper-connected and super social world.

We in the UK know first-hand how quickly things can change overnight, having had our share of political ups and downs in the past year. While we may not all be staying up until 4am for the final result, it’s entirely possible the 45th President of the United States of America could be announced before then.

The magic of statistics means complex algorithms can be created and fed data from multiple sources, such as exit poll interviews. Through data analytics, clear and consistent patterns may indicate an early lead, though there’s always a margin of error. As proven with the Gore/Bush/Florida fiasco of 2000, news publications would have to be very confident before going to press (or Twitter).

No matter what happens overnight, the rest of the world is poised to feel some reverberations as a result.

Check out our friends at Slow Journalism who have put this fantastic infographic together too.

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