NORTHSTAR Nominated for Four Market Research Society Awards

NORTHSTAR Nominated for Four Market Research Society Awards

4 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that Northstar have been nominated in four categories at this year’s Market Research Society Awards – Financial Research, Insight Management, Innovation in Research Methodology and the Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Excellence.


Financial Research: For demonstrating the value of research to financial sector clients…

Northstar worked with Metfriendly – the mutual society for London’s Metropolitan Police – to help boost their membership. This involved combining primary quantitative and qualitative research, integrated with Metfriendly’s own data, to identify their member’s financial concerns and needs. We then built a communications and product strategy that would allow Metfriendly to communicate their expertise and deliver products that their members truly wanted.

Insights were delivered at board level and successfully shared across the entire Metfriendly business.

We then pushed the boundaries of financial research by marketing our insights to the end customer – the Metropolitan Police. This saw key insights communicated in London’s police stations and presented directly to members at Metfriendly’s AGM. This resulted in several product launches, an increased investment in marketing by Metfriendly, a significant uplift in new business and an increase in membership with an additional £1m in member bonuses paid.


Insight Management (with Jaguar Land Rover): For demonstrating an innovative approach to managing insight…

Northstar and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) re-imagined what insight management and socialisation mean. Together we challenged ourselves to move beyond creative output, employee co-creation and socialisation tools towards an end-to-end insight management experience. Our solution was re-interpreting The Apprentice TV series for insight generation and socialisation. The innovation here was that the method for gathering insight is also the medium for sharing it. Our outputs (3 x 15 minute videos) have been viewed within JLR over 2,500 times and have been instrumental in making future strategic decisions on how to enter a category worth £220 billion.


Innovation in Research Methodology (with Jaguar Land Rover): For adding to the body of research knowledge and significantly contributing to the way research is both thought about and carried out…

Target Customer research has typically been conducted within JLR as two-day ethnographies with a professionally produced 50-minute video documentary output. Northstar and JLR challenged ourselves to find a brand new approach to create even greater impact and engagement for our participants and clients. So, we re-designed the TV show ‘The Apprentice’ into a research methodology which saw 12 ‘candidates’ in the UK, US and Germany, over the course of two days, competing to be crowned ‘JLR’s Ultimate Target Customer’. This methodology pushed gamification and projective techniques far beyond their usual application. Furthermore, it also created a highly replicable methodology for researching any category at any budget while enabling JLR to make decisions on how to enter a category worth £220 billion.


Prosper Riley-Smith Award for Qualitative Excellence: For a case study that demonstrates the very best in qualitative thinking and practice…

JLR wanted to investigate how they should enter a vehicle segment worth £220 billion. They needed to conduct research into the following:

  • Decide which of five potential new vehicle entrants JLR should launch
  • Isolate who should be the segment target customer and what drives their choices
  • Create a new and impactful means of insight management

We recognised that up until this point insight delivery has largely been about output that is separated from research design. However, we posited that if, in media, it is proven that greater impact is achieved when ‘the medium is the message’, shouldn’t we be doing the same? After much deliberation, we decided that creating a reality TV show, in which our participants star, would be the optimal solution.


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