Northstar Revs Up the Transportation & Human Mobility Practice

Northstar Revs Up the Transportation & Human Mobility Practice

31 October 2016

Years of Transportation Experience Results in The Human Mobility Insights Engine.

Toronto, ON – Adding to its array of capabilities, Northstar Research Partners introduces the Transportation & Human Mobility Practice, driven by The Human Mobility Insights Engine.

This powerful and proprietary suite of research methodologies has helped transform how client partners like Amtrak (USA), VIA Rail (Canada), Great Western Railway (UK), and Metrolinx (the regional transportation authority for the Greater Toronto Area, the fourth largest metropolitan region in North America) plan for the future of travel.

“The vast majority of regional planning and infrastructure decisions are made without necessary insights into human mobility,” said Matthew Denomme, Transportation & Human Mobility Practice Lead and Managing Director, Northstar, “Seven years of working side-by-side with a wide variety of transportation clients allowed us to take our research approach to the next level with the The Human Mobility Insights Engine – it gives our clients actionable and tangible insights about how people move in their region.”

Northstar has already delivered award-winning insights for transportation clients.  Past work resulted in Metrolinx winning multiple awards: GARA (Global AirRail Alliance) Global AirRail Award for Project of the Year and the CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Association) Corporate Leadership Award. 

Our focus is to move organizations beyond the current limitations of existing transportation research to an understanding of their region’s future mobility trends,” Denomme said, “Mobility planning no longer has to be done in the dark with the new Transportation & Human Mobility Practice.”

Northstar’s extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative studies for transportation clients includes analysis and understanding of hidden attitudes, beliefs, and emotional triggers of both customers and travellers.

About Northstar Research Partners

Northstar Research Partners, a member of the MDC Partners Network, is a global, full-service market research and consulting firm. Established in 1998 in Toronto, Northstar has offices in New York, London, and Jakarta. The company has completed thousands of custom qualitative and quantitative studies with services in consumer and business-to-business channels in over 60 countries. Northstar is proud to be a global award-winning customer insights agency, having twice won the prestigious Grand Ogilvy and Gold Prize at the Advertising Research Foundation Ogilvy Awards.


To learn more about the Transportation & Human Mobility Practice, please contact:

Matthew Denomme
Transportation & Human Mobility Practice Lead
Managing Director, Northstar
Jennifer Yellin
Transportation & Human Mobility Practice Lead
Senior Vice President, Northstar


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