an award winning global insights agency

We know people.

At Northstar, we understand people. It’s what we do. We talk to people, we listen to people and we watch people all over the world to find out what makes them tick and how they interact with your brands, products and services. We then turn this into engaging insight and strategy to help our clients make business decisions with their customers at heart.

creative solutions

In order to find answers to our clients’ business needs, we apply bespoke and creative methodologies and deliverables. We believe our creative approaches give clients a deeper level of insight and actionability, and make the research process more engaging for all involved.

international reach

We are experts in conducting research across the globe – 50 countries to be precise. We apply the same intellectual rigour and creativity to our research design, execution and analysis everywhere from Sydney to Shenzhen. And, no matter what country we are in, we pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to ensure cultural sensitivities are respected, celebrated and analysed.