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Our agency philosophy is Fearless Intellect. We are a passionate and curious team, dedicated to breaking the mould and finding ‘the answer’ whatever it takes.

We are also committed to ensuring insight creates impact within your business. We change the way research is seen by using design, mixed media, campaigns and visual storytelling to make insight truly stick.

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Enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with the family.
Jeffrey Histed
Chief Executive Officer
Can often be found on two wheels exploring anywhere from the Kent countryside to the Cuban cabanas. Failing that, look for the guy with his nose in a brain bending book.
Matthew Sell
Chief Operating Officer
A life long passion for playing soccer and for travel. Being by the water. Being with lots of family and friends. And just being with a good book.
Glenn Gibson
Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Father to three, decent squash player, Britpop aficionado, lover of travel & geography, sci-fi & adventure films, keeper of endless trivial knowledge.
Matthew Denomme
Senior Vice President & Canadian Managing Director
Vanessa lives each day to the fullest. She spends time adoring her family and looking for the positive in every situation, even screaming children.
Vanessa Dziura
Senior Vice President & US Managing Director
Parent of two crazy kids and one even crazier dog. Owner of a VW Camper - great for escaping the crazy bunch from time to time.
Simon von Haartman
UK Deputy Managing Director
Loves to travel and can always be found hunting out the best food each place has to offer. Has a particular penchant for Sicilian Arancini and meatballs!
Rhiannon Price
Head of UK Qualitative Research and Global Client Engagement
Passionate foodie, music lover, world-traveller and talented escape artist (into the world of TV, movies, and novels). Wanna-be Marvel superhero.
Jennifer Yellin
Senior Vice President
Lover of Tintin and endurance sports. Once grew a prize winning marrow.
Jack Miles
Research Director
Space enthusiast who is into cabling, sound design and comics.
James Vaughan-Smith
Operations Director
Loyal fan of skinny jeans, authentic Vans shoes and lahmacuns from Green Lanes.
Alex Holmes
Research Director
Music festivals, hiking, country pubs and Forest. Can also be found on IMDB.
Alex Wilman
Associate Director
I adapt and trying to adapt is my passion, nature like water is my inspiration. Live every single moment to the best, be work or spending time with family.
Altaf Ahmed Sikunder
Senior Research Associate
Amye Parker
Senior Research Manager
REALLY loves to drop 'Dad Jokes' to anyone who will listen … his wife, three kids, colleagues, respondents in focus groups.
Andrew Boyd
Research Director
Calm and positive. Willing to be silly for her nieces.  Likes karaoke and enjoys reading, sports, languages, games and travel; a simple life.
Aniliza Pastrana
Quality Assurance & Data Support Analyst
Daniel has lived in 7 different neighbourhoods in NYC, and will often get off at a random subway stop when on vacation just to explore.
Daniel Berrier
Senior Research Director
IF YOU'RE WONDERING WHY THIS IS IN CAPS, IT'S BECAUSE DANIEL IS CANADIAN, AND WELL, LOUD. He says sorry a lot, but never for his love of hockey and poutine.
Daniel Tralman
Associate Director
Love to sing, huge Patriots fan, Bob Marley and apple pie...enough said.
Debbie Clarke
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Office Manager
Emma Galvin
Creative Executive
Febronia Mansour
Junior Accountant
Loves spending time outside playing soccer, biking or boating. When indoors, often embarrassing himself singing passionately to songs beyond his abilities.
Fraser Godbout
Senior Research Associate
Voracious reader, avid runner, passionate traveller and American transplant who still hasn’t lost his accent after 12 years across the pond.
Jeffrey Johns
Research Director
Jenn loves to travel. When not travelling Jenn also loves learning improv, she does a great impression of Gordon Ramsay!
Jennifer Macpherson
Associate Vice President
Lover of photography, the history of London, and Panko the cat. Constantly finding ways to travel the globe on a quest for the perfect flea market.
Jessica Fennell
Research Manager
John Wright
Data Support Analyst
Enjoys playing and watching hockey and is still hopes to play goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also enjoys cycling, photography and checking out local restaurants and breweries.
Kirby Macdonald
Data Support Analyst
A life-long “car guy”, Layton has a penchant for weird and “orphan” cars. He also enjoys boating, spending time at the cottage and travelling the world.
Layton Dorey
Senior Vice President (Research)
Other than running tables Lev enjoys spending time outdoors, he always looks forward to his annual camping trip. He hopes one day he can watch his Toronto Maple Leafs win the stanely cup, he's been waiting a long time.
Lev Kogan
Data Support Analyst
Enjoys water-skiing, boating, cycling, watching sports and going to the movie theatre to see the latest movie.
Mark Clipsham
Vice President (Marketing Science & Analytics)
Sunday morning brunch aficionado, Muay Thai doer, blues lover, and sunshine worshipper. Was probably a hippy in a former life.
Melissa Weiner
Senior Research Associate
Tea over coffee, festivals over sleep, books over Netflix, wine pong over beer pong, STAT JOKES above ALL! Lived on 3 continents, speaks 4 languages and has been to 30+ countries in 24 years.
Neda Iranmanesh
Senior Marketing Science Analyst
Nichola Beale (née Kent-Lemon)
Research Director
Nicholas Lee
Senior Creative Designer
German-born, moved to London for Premier League and to avoid eating too many sausages. Successfully assimilated & happy - only missing Bratwurst a lot.
Nicolas Frenzel
Research Director
Former historian, avid museum-goer and willing to bet that he will be the only person you’ll ever meet who has competed in both figure skating and motorcycle racing.
Oliver Jones
Research Associate
I love warm weather, summer BBQs, spicy food and movie/game nights with family and friends…#It'sTheLittleThings
Priya Gandhi Purba
Manager, Accounting
Quinn enjoys relaxing and kayaking at his cottage, Stephen King novels, is a life-long sports fan and an especially gifted sleeper.
Quinn McNamara
Research Manager
Half man half data. Shamvir works with fabulous models and is fluent in 3 languages - C# VB and R. ;)
Shamvir Singh
Associate Director of Innovation & Analytics
Irish-Brazilian who enjoys travelling, reading, cycling and museums.
Stephen Carswell
Research Manager
Australian-German, but resident of the UK for tax purposes. In an endless quest for Vitality points. Loves a kick and a good gastropub in Fulham.
Tim Werger
Research Executive
Vladimir Levkov
Vice President (Data Support)
William is a huge music fan – he loves rock music and also plays guitar. His favorite bands are Metallica, Acid Black Cherry and X Japan.
William Peng
Research Associate
History nerd, coffee lover, vinyl collector, skier, cyclist and terrible writer of bios.
Zander Oldring
Senior Research Executive
Favourite activities include watching live music, drinking cider on a sunny day and ticking things off a to do list.
Zoe Beales
Research Manager

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