Helping ARM harness 1 billion youth voices to build the new future of tech.


From providing the IP for the latest processing chip to delivering the cloud services that allow organizations to securely manage the deployment of products throughout their lifecycle, Arm Holdings are one of the worlds most important technology companies.

Arm’s ability to continue to lead in its category is built on its ability to decode the evolving tech present and envision the emerging tech future. As a trusted partner of Arm, Northstar was invited to conduct some specific work with the 11-18 demographic which would allow Arm and its partners to access, interpret and create new software and hardware responses to the challenges posed by the complex relationship between youth and tech.

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Direct recipients of work highlighted in Arm keynote address to MWC 2019


Engagements  with parents to enable access to our targetgroup


Second motion infographic created to help explain findings in the most accessible means possible

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Northstar helped Arm harness 1bn youth voices as part of its mission to bring knowledge and understanding to the tech community.

Our primary research highlighted opportunities for development and innovation in the fields of cybersecurity, healthcare and education.  Our insight was shared by the Arm CEO in his keynote address at Mobile World Congress 2019 in front of 7,900 VIPs and technology C level leaders.

Andy Winstanly
VP Global Content & Executive Communications
Going far beyond our expectations. The research continues to be quoted by our CEO and senior leaders.


Quantitative Research
PR Content Generation
Cultural Insights


Customer Journeys
Attitude & Usage Studies

Project Deliverables

Behavioural Data
Communication Strategies
Opportunity Area Development
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