Enabling Cadence to demonstrate broader thought leadership to expand their reach and better support their customers.

A glimpse in to a hyperscaled world

Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, with unrivalled technical expertise across a range of advanced technologies, including Hyperscale and hyperconnectivity.

The approach

Northstar interviewed the end-users, Branding and Public Relations teams to understand Cadence's media positioning and its desired reach.

Three Key insights uncovered through research

Reaching new audiences

Cadence needed to reach both the mainstream and sector-specific press.

Uncovering new insights

Cadence needed to combine top-down (expert) with bottom-up (consumer) insights.

Communication design

Cadence needed insights to be communicated to everyday people as well as specialist publications.

The challenge

We provided the bottom-up perspective reflecting the opinions of more than 3,000 people - representing 1.5 billion people globally across five leading technology markets.

However, we needed to go beyond understanding what hyperconnectivity means for everyday people, and develop a way of effectively communicating these insights in a way that appealed to both mainstream and technical publications.

Using the Cadence brand guidelines

Building on existing graphic elements

The solution

By balancing both a tech-specific and mainstream look and feel, while staying true to their brand guidelines, we created a design that pushed Cadence’s branding into a new territory.

Consumer insights were designed for a less technical audience while maintaining visual appeal. Secondary graphic elements and iconography were developed to be scaled across web banners, publications and electronic direct mailers, which were used to support the launch of the Hyperconnectivity and You report.

We also designed sector specific graphics which allowed Cadence to speak to automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics.


Cadence achieved coverage across a range of much more mainstream publications including the Financial Times.

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Hyperconnectivity and You: A Roadmap for the Consumer Experience


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