Reaching and educating a wide audience on Artificial Intelligence through social media, Northstar conducted a global survey of nearly 4000 consumers to understand how AI either “already has” or “eventually will” impact the way we live.

Awareness and understanding

Northstar conducted and unearthed insights from a global consumer survey. Globally, 3,938 consumers were interviewed through an online survey to understand how AI either “already” has or “eventually” will have an impact on the way we live as humans.

The challenge

To convey insights in an attention deficit economy, we built an effective social media presence to help a technology giant reach out and create positive interactions. Combining research and design to create a storyboard and animated content, we ensured our insights reached the target audience in an effective and creative way.


By combining research and design we storyboarded and animated key insights to ensure it reached the target audience in an effective and creative manner.


Quantitive research
Social media marketing
Communication design
Survey design


Survey analysis
Design Thinking

Project deliverables

Data analysis
Social media content

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