Immersing a haute couture brand into their customer's reality.


An in-depth study of women loyal to a haute couture brand was conducted and looked into their lives, passion and fears.

With a unique customer segment, this haute couture brand struggled to tell the different stories of these women at an organisation level, which encompasses their multifaceted nature and their strong emotions to the brand


Working with the Northstar design team of brand, web and set designers. We built a well branded immersive experience ranging from digital to spatial.

“The Woman Behind The Jewel” invites clients to learn about the reality of their customers once their luxury jewellery has been stripped away.

While the branding is designed in synergy with the Couture house’s own branding, and the use of prisms and fragmented mirrors is used to indicate the multifaceted nature of these women.

The digital outputs market the exhibition to an organisation of more than 1000 employees ranging from fashion designers to C-suites.

Design Disciplines

• Branding & Identity
• Digital Design
• Spatial Design
• Print Design

Project Output

• Project Branding
• Exhibition Set
• Digital Books
• Printed Materials
• Electronic Direct Mailer
• Marketing Toolkit

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