Supporting Metrolinx in planning to move 7.2 million people now and into the future.


Metrolinx needed an advanced and comprehensive segmentation of all travellers in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) to identify unique personas in the population.

This would allow Metrolinx to better understand: current and potential travel behavior in the GTHA for all modes of transportation, perceptions of these modes, and the unique and diverse travel needs of personas throughout the region. Results were to feed directly into the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) projected to 2041. The RTP is the blueprint that guides transformation of the transportation system in the GTHA.

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Survey responses captured from across the region.

25 years

Results to future-proof transportation planning for the next 25 years of growth.


Research to support planning & growth for the 4th largest city in North America.


Research that supports over $30B in investment.

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Used in the development and implementation of successful projects and policies, and used to validate/disprove policy decisions, inform marketing and communication strategies, support new innovations, create customer service initiatives and guide future operational planning over the next 25 years.

Externally, the personas have been used to better educate and engage the public about regional and local transportation options and drive behavioral change.

Peter Paz
Senior Manager, Planning & Development, Metrolinx
The Regional Traveller Personas’ were of immense value in developing the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.  It gave us a deeper understanding of attitudes and behaviours toward transportation in our Region which has proven to be invaluable.


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