ESOMAR’s Annual Global Congress

August 13, 2020

Alex Wilman
Research Director

This year, ESOMAR’s Annual Global Congress is taking a different form. Due to COVID-19, it will not take place in Toronto (that’s been postponed to next year), instead it will all be done virtually.

Introducing ESOMAR’s Insights Festival 2020 which will take place between September 14th and September 17th and Northstar will be there presenting on the main stage.

Join Alex Wilman and Nicholas Lee on Thursday, 17th September who will be presenting:

How Design Thinking can Move Research from an $80bn industry to a $1.7tn Innovation Powerhouse

The R&D sector is worth $1.7tn. Insight should be central to this. But currently, it's not. At best, we're a small component in the larger innovation machine. And often, we're completely ignored. This shouldn't be the case.

Learn how combining Insight with Design Thinking can elevate our industry to become the innovation experts and get a slice of the innovation pie. See how a tech giant's insights are being used to create an app that combats youth cyberbullying.

For more information on ESOMAR’s Insights Festival 2020 click here

To watch our mainstage presentation, please register for the festival by clicking here

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