How to elevate the developmental curve of young researchers remotely

March 19, 2021

James Vaughan-Smith
Operations Director

BIG presents - How to elevate the developmental curve of young researchers remotely - presented by Jack Miles (Senior Research Director), Ellie Jacobs (Senior Research Exec), James Vaughan-Smith (Operations Director) and Simon von Haartman (Deputy Managing Director) of Northstar

Date: Tuesday 30th March 2021
Time: 11am
Where: Zoom - Online

One of C-19’s biggest challenges was making sure the pandemic didn’t flatten the curve of young researcher’s development. Young researchers are our category’s creative, enthusiastic powerhouses today. And they’ll be its leaders tomorrow. So quarantining their development wasn’t an option.

However, it’s young researchers who’ve lost the most from office life’s removal. This is because office culture gives them access to experienced colleagues so they’re always learning on-the-job, whether it be receiving hands-on advice or simply observing how their colleagues act.

So in March as external courses were being cancelled, home office equipment being panic bought and Microsoft Teams became our new best friend, supporting young researcher’s development remotely became a priority.

Fortunately, mass disruption like a pandemic brings opportunity. And young researcher development was no exception:

  • Out went external training, in-came internal upskilling
  • We said goodbye to large meetings and hello to more 1-2-1 interactions
  • Conferences closed their doors. But content providers opened there’s
  • In-person projects got paused. However, play was pressed on new digital work that afforded young researchers new on-the-job opportunities

The result? Young researchers were vaccinated against developmental stagnation. And while the C-19 curve was being flattened, young researcher’s development curve was elevated.

This is a free online event hosted via Zoom. Here

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