Northstar Are Speaking at the MRS AI and Data Analytics Summit

February 19, 2021

Jack Miles
Senior Research Director

Northstar Are Speaking at the MRS AI and Data Analytics Summit

Matthew Sell is hosting a panel at the MRS AI and Data Analytics summit on 25th Feb that brings together experts from data science, social science and behavioural science, to investigate how human, behavioural and machine learning driven insight can work together to create more positive outcomes. Join panellists discussing why the three sciences should work together and how they can do so in ways such as:

  • Using data science to make qualitative research more engaging
  • Reducing human biases in algorithmic programming
  • Utilising data science to test social and behavioural science-based hypothesis
  • How to use qualitative research to bring data and behavioural science to life

Matthew will be joined by:

  • Samantha Bond, Associate Director, Kantar Public
  • Noah Roychowdhury, Global Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services
  • Richard Chataway, Chief Executive Officer, BVA Nudge Unit UK

Find out how you can view this discussion here.

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