Northstar & Colt Discuss Machine Learning and CX at Qual 360

February 11, 2020

Alex Holmes
Research Director

Northstar and Colt Technology Services (a network & communications provider, operating in 212 cities, annual turnover of $2b) are speaking at Qual 360. Our talk will cover:

  • How to move from NPS to customer journey mapping and maximise the value from customer feedback
  • How machine learning can positively disrupt traditional qualitative analysis by increasing speed & scale while reducing bias
  • How to unlock value from underutilised NPS verbatim text data. As NPS’s founder Fred Reicheld says, “this is the most valuable – but underused – element of the NPS methodology!”
  • How the combination of machine learning and in-depth interviews increased Colt’s NPS from 41 to 64 in 12 months

Come and see us in Qual 360’s main room 16:00-16:30 CET to hear more!

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