Northstar Discuss Using UX Thinking to Measure and Create Value at NewMR

March 4, 2020

Jack Miles
Senior Research Director

Northstar will be presenting ‘Using UX Thinking to Accurately Measure Value’ at the Festival of NewMR 2020’s HX, CX and UX Monday 16th March.

This session will discuss how:

  • Value – what marketing exists to deliver – is measured by consumers’ willingness-to-pay for a brand
  • Poor research user experience (UX) means existing willingness-to-pay methods don’t allow marketers to measure if they actually deliver value
  • Blending behavioural science into a gameshow interface improves participant engagement to allow willingness-to-pay to be accurately measured
  • Appropriate uses of personalisation, reward systems, wisdom of the crowds and design thinking to improve the accuracy of how value is measured
  • Experimental designs using behavioural science and UX can enable researchers to create value for brands

The session will be streamed on 16th March (11:00 – New York, 15:00 – London, 20:30 – Delhi). Register here to find out more.

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